Trio Hegel

«I am the conflict, for the conflict is just this antagonism, which is not any indifference of the two as different, but is their being bound together. I am not one of those taking part in the strife, but I am both the combatants, and am the strife itself. I am the fire and the water which touch each other, and am the contact and union of what flies apart.»

G. W. F. Hegel


What is a trio if not this: a continuous process of harmonizing primary elements. Far from the fraternal and supportive logic of the quartet, the string trio really is a clash of water, earth and fire in chamber music. 


The dialectical vision, therefore, is a passage, a qualitative leap, a change, a continuous and infinite progress which the trio applies to the study and the pleasure of ever-new musical research.


The trio has performed on important occasions and in evocative places such: Sala Corelli of Dante Alighieri Theatre in Ravenna, Palazzo Albrizzi in Venice for the Dino Ciani Association, in Cremona in the Federico II Courtyard, at the Auditorium San Barnaba in Brescia for the GIA Association (Giovani Interpreti Associati), in Mantua for the Mantua Chamber Music Festival, at Concerts at the Shrine of St. Teresa of Riva (ME) for the Association of Friends of Music, in Padua for the Galilean Academy of Sciences, Arts and Literature and for the International Music Meeting 2016, and in Milan at the Pirelli Skyscraper Auditorium Gaber for the Concert Society. 


Trio Hegel obtain in a short time, numerous awards such as: Overall 1st Prize at the 20th "G. Rospigliosi ", 1st Prize at the 26th European Music Competition "Città di Moncalieri", 2nd Prize at the 13th National Competition "Riviera Etrusca", 2nd Prize at the 10th International Competition "L. Zanuccoli ", 3rd Prize at the 12th National Music Competition "Città di Magliano Sabina", 3rd Prize at the 14th International Competition "Città di Padova", Honorary Diploma at the International Music Tournament (TIM - XVII Edition), Honorary Diploma at the 21st International Award "G. Zinetti", Honorary Diploma at the 20th International Chamber Music Competition "L. Nono".


The collaboration with composer Mauro Montalbetti led them to the exclusive first performance of the piece "Six Bagatelles for String Trio" published by RAICOM, as well as the composition "E voi empi sospiri – Madrigal for String Trio" which was written for them, and they also performed live on Bergamo TV receiving acclaim from both public and critics. 


The artistic growth of Trio Hegel is strongly connected to the Quartetto di Cremona and Antonello Farulli; also fundamental were the meetings with Luca Simoncini (Nuovo Quartetto Italiano), Jürgen Kussmaul (L'Archibudelli), Andrea Repetto (Quartetto di Torino), Christophe Giovaninetti (Quartetto Ysaÿe) and orchestra director Umberto Benedetti Michelangeli.


The Hegel Trio has recorded a CD on the Tactus label of pieces by Tuscan composers Luigi Cherubini and Giuseppe Cambini which were recorded for the first time ever, and has just completed the recording of an album exclusively dedicated to the compositions of  Mauro Montalbetti. 


The violist is honored to have the opportunity to play a viola by I. Sderci belonging to the "Adriana Verchiani Farulli Collection" by kind permission of the Piero Farulli Association, and Mrs. Adriana Verchiani.


David Scaroni – violin

Davide Bravo – viola

Andrea Marcolini – cello

"The Hegel Trio has already gone beyond promising. Young, but of great quality."

 Il Giornale di Vicenza

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David Scaroni – violin

Born in Rovigo in 1984, he first studied violin at the conservatory of his city and he then graduated at the A. Pedrollo Conservatory of Vicenza under the guidance of G. Bertagnin.


He has participated in several master classes following lessons by I. Grubert, S. Tchakerian, and L. Spierer and he perfected his musical skills with R. Ranfaldi at the Accademia "L. Perosi" in Biella and M. Rogliano at the "Accademia Musicale" in Pavia and "Accademia Steinway Society" in Verona.


He has collaborated with many Italian orchestras such as the "Orchestra d'Archi Italiana", "Orchestra Haydn di Bolzano e Trento", "Orchestra Filarmonica del Festival Pianistico Internazionale di Brescia e Bergamo", "Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna", "Filarmonica Toscanini di Parma", "Orchestra d'archi Italiana", "Orchestra Nazionale della RAI di Torino".


He recorded CD for many record labels: Tactus, Stradivarius, Velut Luna, Ducale, Amadeus, A Simple Lunch, Azzurra Music.


He has always had a great passion for chamber music and in 2012 he founded the Trio Hegel.

Davide Bravo – viola

Davide Bravo, from Brescia, was born in 1987. In 2009 he graduated  at the conservatory "L. Marenzio" in Brescia taking Viola at  the first acamedic level, as well as earning a second level academic diploma at the Music Institute "C. Monteverdi" in Cremona under the guidance of Maestro Luca Ranieri.


He perfected his art with Maestro Bruno Giuranna at the "Accademia W. Stauffer" in Cremona and with Master  Antonello Farulli at the "International Piano Academy" in Imola. He has participated in several master classes including: "Mio 2012" in Maribor (SLO) with Maestro Wolfram Christ.


He has collaborated and continues to work with several orchestral companies such as: "Haydn Orchestra" in Bolzano, "Philharmonic Orchestra of the Municipal Theater of Bologna", "Orchestra of the Piano Festival of Brescia and Bergamo", "Orchestra of the Theater Regio of Turin" and "National Symphonic Orchestra of RAI ".


He has always had a great passion for chamber music and in 2012 he founded the Trio Hegel.

Andrea Marcolini – cello

After graduating from the Conservatory of Vicenza with M° G.M. Cecchin, he went on to graduate with distinction at the second level from the Conservatory of Rovigo under the guidance of Maestro L. Simoncini.


Subsequently, he perfected his art with renowned international musicians, such as E. Dindo, M. Leskovar, E. Bronzi, G. Gnocchi, R. Filippini and L. Piovano.


Now he is cello teacher at the Conservatory of Adria for the pre academics courses. 

He has collaborated and continues to work as a first cello with several orchestras, including "Orchestra of the Brescia and Bergamo Festival", "Orchestra L. Cherubini" and "Venetian Orchestra" with the violinist G. Angeleri, working with conductors such as R. Muti, A. Ceccato, P. Bellugi, E. Imbal and U.B. Michelangeli. As a chamber musician he has also performed with prestigious musicians including B. Canino, G. Guglielmo, L. Simoncini, G. Angeleri, C. Arimany.